Cue Sheet C. To Monroe Township, Morganville, and Englishtown 32.99 miles

Cue Sheet C. To Monroe Township, Morganville, and Englishtown 32.99 miles

>> CLICK HERE to see map of this Cue Sheet
>> No big climbs.
>> Starts at Village Park in Cranbury, NJ

>> EXPLANATION of the following Cue Sheet

00.00/0.00 *Point of Departure
00.00/0.07 S Bennett Place
00.07/0.22 R Maplewood Avenue
00.29/0.08 R Cranbury Half Acre Road
00.37/0.11 L Route 130
00.48/1.07 R Cranbury South River Road
01.55/0.61 R Prospect Plains Road (CR 614)
02.16/2.48 X NJ Turnpike / I-95 (toll road)
04.64/0.62 L Perrineville Road
05.26/2.82 R Schoolhouse Road
08.08/1.82 @T L Mounts Mills Road
09.90/0.33 R R Englishtown Road (CR 527)
10.23/3.27 L Union Hill Road
13.50/1.27 X Route 9
14.77/0.24 @T R Tennent Road (CR 3)
15.01/1.09 L Church Road
16.10/0.24 @T R Gordons Corner Road
16.34/0.81 L Robertsville Road
17.15/1.11 @T R Lafayette Mills Road
18.26/0.34 @T R Taylors Mills Road
18.60/0.76 X Route 9
19.36/1.15 L Tennent Road (CR 3)
20.51/0.71 R Church Lane
21.22/1.15 @T Bear R Tennent Avenue (CR 522)
22.37/0.40 @T L Englishtown Main Street (CR 527)
22.77/0.35 S High Bridge Road
23.12/0.74 R Mt. Vernon Road
23.86/0.69 @T L Tracy Station Road
24.55/0.64 Bear L Federal Road
25.19/1.29 R Monroe Boulevard
26.48/0.05 @T L Gravel Hill Spotswood Road
26.53/3.51 R R Union Valley Road (CR 615)
30.04/1.11 S Cranbury Station Road
31.15/0.90 X NJ Turnpike / I-95 (toll road)
32.05/0.00 X Route 130
32.05/0.43 S S. Station Road (CR 615)
32.48/0.33 @T R Cranbury Main Street
32.81/0.08 R Scott Avenue
32.89/0.10 L Maplewood Avenue
32.99/0.00 *Point of Destination/Departure

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