Cue Sheet C. Cranbury, Lawrenceville, Princeton, & Monmouth Junction 43.77 miles

Cue Sheet C. Cranbury, Lawrenceville, Princeton, &
Monmouth Junction 43.77 miles

>> CLICK HERE to see map of this Cue Sheet
>> 1 big climb at about mile 26.5
>> Starts at Village Park in Cranbury, NJ

>> EXPLANATION of the following Cue Sheet

00.00/0.00 *Point of Departure
00.00/0.07 S Bennett Place
00.07/0.23 L Maplewood Avenue
00.30/0.08 R Scott Avenue
00.38/0.60 @T L Cranbury Main Street (CR 615)
00.98/4.48 R Old Trenton Road
05.46/0.70 L Village Road East
06.16/1.22 R South Lane
07.38/1.06 @T R Edinburg Windsor Road
08.44/0.48 L Mercerville Edinburg Road / Old Trenton Road
08.92/2.47 R Paxon Avenue
11.39/0.28 R Hughes Drive
11.67/1.45 L Youngs Road
13.12/0.00 X I-295
13.12/0.88 S Bakers Basin Road
14.00/0.00 X Brunswick Pike (Route 1)
14.00/1.25 S Franklin Corner Road
15.25/0.60 X I-95
15.85/0.00 X Lawrence Road (Route 206)
15.85/1.35 S Lawrenceville Pennington Road
17.20/1.11 R Keefe Road
18.31/2.48 @T L Cold Soil Road
20.79/1.76 @T L Carter Road
22.55/0.88 R Cleveland Road
23.43/0.33 S Pretty Brook Road
23.76/0.02 L Province Line Road
23.78/1.70 R Pretty Brook Road
25.48/0.80 @T L Great Road
26.28/0.95 R Stuart Road
27.23/0.74 @T L Cherry Hill Road
27.97/1.45 @T R Cherry Valley Road
29.42/0.29 X State Road (Route 206)
29.71/1.23 R Blue Spring Road
30.94/1.18 @T R River Road (CR 605)
32.12/0.33 @T L Lincoln Highway (Route 27)
32.45/0.19 R Academy Street
32.64/0.22 L Division Street
32.86/0.94 Bear R Ridge Road
33.80/2.84 X Route 1
36.64/1.44 R E. New Road
38.08/0.80 @T R Friendship Road
38.88/0.18 @T R Broadway Road
39.06/1.83 S Scotts Corner Road
40.89/2.49 @T L Plainsboro Road / Plainsboro Cranbury Road
43.38/0.18 R Cranbury Main Street
43.56/0.21 L Westminster Place
43.77/0.00 *Point of Destination/Departure

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