Washington Crossing Park, Titusville, NJ

Washington Crossing Park, Titusville, NJ

CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE for bike routes from Washington Crossing Park.

Washington Crossing Park in Titusville, NJ serves as a wonderful place for cyclists to meet, park their cars, and go for bike rides together. There are all kinds of bike riding options available at Washington Crossing Park. One can ride away from the Delaware River and hit the hills. One can ride the roads along the Delaware River and have flat rides. Or one can do a bunch of offroad riding by taking advantage of the tow paths on both sides of the river. There is another “ride location” on the other side of the Delaware River also called Washington Crossing Park. There is overlap between the bike ride Cue Sheets for both the Washington Crossing Park meeting locations. However, an attempt has been made not to duplicate specific rides. CLICK HERE to see a map of how to get to Washington Crossing Park from downtown Titusville, NJ. And to get an idea as to where Titusville is located, then you should use Google Maps and do a search for Titusville, NJ.

Below are some pictures of Washington Crossing Park taken in late January, 2011 the day after a large snow fall. Parking for the bike rides is in the parking area along River Drive very close to the Delaware River Bridge (@Washington Crossing). When you park your car in the proper lots you can look out at the Delaware River and see where General George stood in boat in 1776 and crossed the Delaware.

01.Washington Crossing in New Jersey 02.Washington Crossing in New Jersey
03.Washington Crossing in New Jersey 04.Washington Crossing in New Jersey
05.Washington Crossing in New Jersey 06.Washington Crossing in New Jersey
07.Washington Crossing in New Jersey 08.Washington Crossing in New Jersey
09.Washington Crossing in New Jersey 10.Washington Crossing in New Jersey

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