Frankenfield Covered Bridge

Frankenfield Covered Bridge

My favorite covered bridge in Bucks County. If you don’t know where to go to find it, then you probably won’t. Hills all around and no real direct route to get in to see it. It’s the longest covered bridge in Bucks County that cars still drive through. I think the bridge in Tyler State Park might be longer, but it is not used for cars nor is it really a historic bridge; it was rebuilt not too long ago after an arsonist got hold of it. Enjoy the pictures of Frankenfield Covered Bridge I took last month. CLICK HERE to see how to get to it. It’s not too far from the following covered bridges: Tohickon, Cabin Run, Loux, and Erwinna. Quite a cluster of covered bridges in the hills between Point Pleasant and Frenchtown.

1.Frankenfield Covered Bridge 2.Frankenfield Covered Bridge

3.Frankenfield Covered Bridge 4.Frankenfield Covered Bridge

5.Frankenfield Covered Bridge 6.Frankenfield Covered Bridge

7.Frankenfield Covered Bridge 8.Frankenfield Covered Bridge

9.Frankenfield Covered Bridge 0.Frankenfield Covered Bridge

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