Friday Lunchtime Solo Ride: 32 miles

Friday Lunchtime Solo Ride: 32 miles

Around noon it was sunny and 65 out. Kind of windy. Had a tailwind out to Cranbury. Did the Cranbury/Hightstown Loop I’ve done many times in the past. I finished putting my old Trek road bike together this morning and I rode it during the ride today. Felt a little different from my Dahon. The bars are closer together, and so are the cranks. I didn’t feel too lean when I got down on the drops. Spun along mostly in 43X19 or 43X21. Scaled the hill at PU in the 25. Never got in the big chainring. I’m going to have to ride it for a week before I go on a fast group ride with it, though. CLICK HERE to see a map of the ride.

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