Saturday Morning “PFW Spring Fling” Ride: 48 miles

Saturday Morning “PFW Spring Fling” Ride: 48 miles

I rode to the start from home. That added about 8 miles to the ride. The temp was about 52 when I left home at 9. The ride was to start at 9:30. I got to the start around 9:20. Cheryl’s ride was full with 18, so I rode with Laura and company. There were 7 of us total. I had fun. It was an easy ride.

I never got in the big chainring. Actually I stayed in gears 1-4 only: 43 in front and 19, 21, 23, and 25 in the back. The 25 felt especially good on the hills we tackled. There was some wind, but it was not a killer like a few of the winds I have met with lately. The sun was out. Actually a pretty nice spring day. The temp approached 70 when we got back to the awards festivity. I ate, and then rode on home. CLICK HERE to see a map of the ride.

The above ride actually had some overlap to it. I prefer actual loops for rides that don’t include overlap of roads. Probably a nicer loop to have done would be like the one I have mapped out, but not ridden recently. CLICK HERE to see it.

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