Tern’s “Eclipse P9″ Looks Like a Real Cool 24” Folder

Tern’s “Eclipse P9″ Looks Like a Real Cool 24” Folder

Not too long ago I learned that a new folding bike company was branching off from Dahon. The Tern bikes seem to be using Dahon’s patents, but it is making new models that probably will not compete with most of Dahon’s lower cost folding bikes. I bet the Tern bikes will not be all that cheap, but they certainly are an improvement over most of Dahon’s offerings for the true cycling specialist.

I especially like the Eclipse P9 which is a 24 inch wheel folding bike that looks and probably feels a lot like the Dahon MU P8, but with bigger wheels. And with bigger wheels it will feel more like a bigger bike. I bet there is a real market for this little sweetie of a bike. I have never noticed that trains limit admission to 20″ folding bikes. A 24″ bike like the Eclipse P9 will most certainly qualify for admission to NJ Transit during peak hours, and the T in Boston.

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