The Fall Season and Bike Riding

The Fall Season and Bike Riding

I’ve never been a fan of the Fall season. It’s kind of depressing if you ask me. I always equate it to school, at least, starting school. And I never particularly liked school all that much. Kind of a strange thing to be said by someone who has completed college and has two degrees past college, but it’s the way it is.

When I was a lot younger than I am now I was a serious cyclist. From age 15 through 18 cycling dominated my life and all four seasons of the year. Spring was the season where I would blossom each year as a cyclist. Summer was the season I would train hard to mature as a cyclist, and Fall was the season I would pull back on my riding, partly so I could get my school homework done, but partly because I was tired of riding so much. Winter was the time to do other exercise activities so I could blossom again in the following Spring. I would run, do weights, do situps, and climb the math building at Princeton University in the winter. I also rode my track bike with a 63 inch fixed gear in the winter when I could get out on the roads.

Even though I cut back on my riding in the Fall, I still enjoyed many of the rides I did then. The weather can be very nice during the Fall. The temperature is usually not too hot nor too cold. There’s usually not a strong wind, and it doesn’t rain all that much. Leaves on the roads can sometimes be a problem. And the falling of the leaves can kind of be depressing, too. But Fall is not all that bad.

I joined a cycling club this past year, something I have not done for quite some time. I’ve had fun riding with others. I actually got in some pretty good riding shape again. Nowhere near where I was when I was much younger, but in pretty good shape just the same. So now I am faced with another Fall after riding my bike for most of the year. And I am cutting back just as I always did. Some things never change.

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