East Amwell School, Ringoes, NJ

East Amwell School, Ringoes NJ

CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE to see some routes from East Amwell School near Ringoes.

This is a very popular departure site for cycling groups. I went on a number of bike rides in 2011 that departed from this location, and there were often other cycling clubs meeting here at the same time. Besides rides that depart from Bulls Island Recreation Park, this is my favorite place to start for organized¬† bike rides. There are a ton of hills around, the roads are not congested, and there are many roads to choose from when designing ride routes. You can ride to the Delaware River, you can ride over to Bloomsbury (and mega hills), or you can ride toward Princeton and hit some descent hills. Of course, there are relatively flat rides to be had, too, if you head toward Somerville or Millstone. It’s even easy and reasonable to design bike routes that include parts of Bucks County, PA.

The school is formally called the East Amwell Township Elementary School. CLICK HERE to see a map to the school from the heart of Ringoes. If you are driving from Princeton you may want to go through Hopewell to Route 31 which will take you to the Wertsville Road turnoff on the map. Otherwise, you will want to head out Princeton to Hopewell, take the backroads through the Sourlands.

1.1. East Amwell School, Ringoes, NJ2.2. East Amwell School, Ringoes, NJ

3.3. East Amwell School, Ringoes, NJ4.4. East Amwell School, Ringoes, NJ

5.5. East Amwell School, Ringoes, NJ6.6. East Amwell School, Ringoes, NJ

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