Bike Route Maps with Rest Stops versus Without Rest Stops

Bike Route Maps with Rest Stops versus Without Rest Stops

I just finished uploading into this blog my fourth set of 20 short bike rides that include rest stops. I have found creating these routes to be a bit harder to do than bike ride routes that do not include rest stops. Instead of just having to worry about a start point and getting back to the start point, when I create a bike route with a rest stop or two I have to worry about getting to and from the rest stop. Doing that is a bit tricky. Also, the big difference between bike routes with and those without rest stops is it is almost impossible to stay completely rural when drafting a bike route that includes a rest stop. Convenience stores, small markets, delis, and other such places rarely exist out in the middle of nowhere. So to get to them it is a bit tricky when trying to stay off busy roads. But I think once the bike route with rest stops is created, and it works, then it is much more valuable than a bike route that does not include a planned rest stop.

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