A Look Back on 2011

A Look Back on 2011

As far as I’m concerned this was a good year. I didn’t work much, but worked out a lot. I didn’t lose much weight, but I got pretty fit. I didn’t run my marathon as I had hoped, but I made progress beating my plantar fasciitis. I didn’t lead many bike rides for PFW, but I rode in several rides lead by others. I had fun riding my Dahon Speed P8, and rebuilding my old Trek steel road bike and riding it pretty fast. I’m excited about rebuilding my old steel track bike for 2012, and building up the Cinelli Xperience frameset I purchased so I can better tackle hills in 2012.

It has been fun studying Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Pagemaker, and now Final Cut Studio. It has been fun doing my morning swims at the local YMCA. It was fun riding alone without a helmet. And also fun riding with a helmet on the PFW rides I participated in. It was fun learning the roads east of US Route 1 when riding a bike over there. And it was fun riding the hills west of Princeton and not feeling as though they were a chore.

I didn’t go for any long trips this year. But I had memories of my two-week trip to Spain the last two weeks of 2010. No need for another trip this year. The economy was so poor that I really had no desire to travel. The whole world seemed to be in a slump.

This was the year in which Amazon finally changed its ranking system for book reviewers. I used to be around the Top 300, but now am somewhere around Top 600. Oh well, I’d pretty much given up on the rankings a couple of years ago anyway.

This was the year Princeton Township and Princeton Borough decided to merge/consolidate. It’s been a long time a coming, but definitely something that should happen. What a waste of resources it has been to have two Princetons.

This was the year Princeton had more than its share of power outages. It was also the year we lost the bookstore Borders, and it seems we are losing the bookstore Barnes and Nobles. B&N just doesn’t carry all that many books any longer. It’s just a matter of time before it fails, too.

This was the year I took my oldest nephew of North Carolina to visit Cornell, MIT, Brown, and Yale in a 2.5-day marathon car trip. Turns out he didn’t want to apply to any of them – just Princeton, Penn, and Georgia Tech.

This was the year my mom fell on her bike and injured her shoulder. It’s amazing how fragile an older person can be. She wasn’t moving all that fast, and she didn’t fall all that far. But she is still in rehab for her shoulder some 4 months after the accident.

What more can I ask for? I’ve got my health, ample food, warmth, and a roof over my head. 2011 was a good year. And I suspect 2012 will be, too.

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