Friday Morning Treadmill: 1 hour

Friday Morning Treadmill: 1 hour

Got to the club at 5:08 AM, sat in the hot tub for 15 minutes, then did my 100 laps in the pool. Had a nice shower before heading to the treadmill. First 50 minutes were at my regular setting (5.5), but the last 10 I was a little bored so I upped the pace to 6.0. No problems with my feet today. I feel like I might actually have beaten this PF thingy. Let’s hope.

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2 Responses to Friday Morning Treadmill: 1 hour

  1. Andre says:

    Hi Jeff, Andrew from the East Amwell crew here. 5.08AM? Didn’t know that time existed. Just got the PFW newsletter through and found your link. I spent an hour on the trainer in the basement this morning (actually more like 11.08AM), included 4 tough intervals of 8,8,6 and 6 minutes at 90% Max HR. Aching legs somewhat, which will feel worse tomorrow!

    Anyway, while the East Amwell guys take a midwinter/fixie break, hopefully I’ll come out on one of your Sunday 11AM rides. I think you know what kind of rider I am, but it’s winter, time to ride slow, I can take it as it comes.

    • jlippinbike says:

      Hi Andrew, Great to hear from you. I’m a morning person. I suppose it all dates back to when I joined a swim team at age 10 as a kid and had 5 morning workouts a week to attend.

      Great to hear from you. That workout you describe on the trainer sounded tough. I’m looking forward to get back on the road with my bike. My exercise lately has been running and swimming exclusively.

      Hope to see you on a Sunday morning ride. In March I plan to offer Saturday rides, too. 🙂

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