Sourland Mountain Bike Ride Reststops Near Princeton, NJ

Sourland Mountain Bike Ride Reststops Near Princeton, NJ

Click on the image below to go the Flickr to view the fullsized graphic. It is a large square image of 1024×1024 pixels. The addresses and phone numbers for the reststops are there, too.

 Five Bike Ride Reststops close to Princeton, NJ

I think it is kind of neat that I could do a screen capture that would include 5 different bike route reststops. All of these reststops can be incorporated into 35-mile loops from Princeton. And the bike rides that include one of these reststops will be among the hilliest short rides from Princeton. It is possible to minimize the hills when riding to these reststops, but it is also possible to devise extremely hilly rides.

Rides from Princeton that head out Rosedale Road toward Washington Crossing will probably hit the Quick Chek in Pennington. Rides from Princeton that head toward Ringoes will probably stop at the Deli in Ringoes. Rides that focus on the hills in the Sourland Mountain range will probably hit either Peacock’s or the Quick Chek in W. Amwell. And then some goofy ride or rides can be devised to hit the Boro Bean in Hopewell. I’m not a big fan of riding into Hopewell, but there are a few rides worthy of dropping down into that little niche.

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4 Responses to Sourland Mountain Bike Ride Reststops Near Princeton, NJ

  1. Andre says:

    What about reviewing these rest stops!!! Never been to Car-ousel, Peacocks I think only once. QuikChek with you last week, truly terrible coffee. Boro Bean, more suited to a sit down and chat, but great coffee, nice espresso, but do you really want to spend $3.75 on a capuccino?

  2. jlippinbike says:

    You’re good! For the record, it’s Carousel Deli and Bakery in the heart of Ringoes. It is very much a no-frills stop, but it has some food, some liquid, and a restroom. I have known about Peacock’s since 1976, and I have been on several bike rides that have stopped there. However, I have never gone inside. You know me, I’m not one who needs a rest or a restroom often. The two QuickCheks I have been in. They are pretty cool as far as I’m concerned. They have everything I could need: food/drink and restrooms. They are very clean, too. As you know, I don’t drink coffee, so bad coffee is no big deal for me. And that leaves the Boro Bean shanty. I went on two PFW Saturday morning rides last year with Ken Leon as the leader where the Boro Bean was the reststop. Those rides were either 25 miles or felt like 25 miles. Totally whimpy! The funniest part about it was the reststops were very long. I guess the participants wanted to savor their coffee since as you say it set them back $3.75.

    All kidding aside though, for me a reststop is just that – a reststop. As long as they are clean, offer food/drink, and have a public restroom, then I’m happy. It’s actually not all that easy to find a reasonable reststop for a cool group bike route. Most classy eateries are on heavily traveled roadways that are not easy to work into a rustic or near-rustic bike route.

    There are a couple of coffee places in Lambertville that would probably interest you. I have not included them in my posts yet since a ride from Princeton to Lambertville has to be at least 40 miles, and that would be one that goes directly to Lambertville and turns around and pretty much comes back the way it came. I’ll probably have such a post in May when my rides get a little longer.

    Do you like Starbucks coffee shops? And how about Dunkin Donuts? They certainly cater to coffee drinkers and people who need a restroom stop. They are not so great for food and non-caffein beverages. When I was putting together my list of reststops, see, I included a few Starbucks and I think one or two Dunkin Donuts, but I left the long list of possibilities off in order to avoid clutter.

    Would you like me to create another Google Map for reststops exclusively Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts? I have the list of them in an Excel spreadsheet, but I don’t think I have called them all to verify that they have a public restroom. A reststop without a public restroom isn’t worth too much. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a classy reststop in the middle of Ridge Road in the Sourlands? It would be really convenient to devise rides with that as a reststop.

  3. Andre says:

    Never been in a Dunkin Donuts, doubt they sell espresso. Starbux on the other hand, is great, you can get a decent espresso, and it’s probably impersonal enough for you and the restroom! Ken Leon’s ride are sorely missed from the social point of view, so I am not surprised it was a somewhat lengthy stop. You can’t stop for long in this weather or you would get too cold. To be honest, it’s only riding with the folk round here that has introduced me to half way rest stops. My old group in France used to stop at a lovely cafe for a drink and a chat, but by then we had done 90% of a 60 mile ride.

    • jlippinbike says:

      On the DD Web site it says the company serves Cappuccino, Espresso, and Latte hot beverages. So now you know you have some other shop to try out. You would be the one to give the review since you are the expert!

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