Six Possible Rest Stops Above Milford NJ

Six Possible Rest Stops Above Milford NJ

Yesterday I went for a solo bike ride that departed from Frenchtown, NJ. I headed up the Delaware River on the Pennsylvania side, crossed over to NJ at Easton into Phillipsburg, and snaked my way back to Frenchtown through NJ. Last year I went on a few Princeton Freewheeler group bike rides that departed from Ringoes that approached Riegelsville, but never would have reached the six possible rest stops I visited yesterday. Three of the stops were in Pennsylvania, and the other three were in New Jersey. The first two in Pennsylvania were in or just north of Riegelsville. The third in PA was in Easton. The first two I passed in NJ were in Phillipsburg. And the last rest stop was on CR 627/Riegelsville Warren Glen Rd. Below is a map of the bike route I rode. It was a 42.8 mile ride. And below the map are two pictures taken at each of the rest stops. If you click on the images you will be taken to Flickr where I have posted sketchy comments regarding each image. CLICK HERE to see the bike route stored at RideWithGPS.

Pix01. Map of 42.8 Mile Bike Loop

2Pix02. Fig Tree Market 3Pix03. Fig Tree Market
Fig Tree Market

4Pix04. Mueller's Market 5Pix05. Mueller's Market
Mueller’s Market

6Pix06. McDonalds & Wawa 7Pix07. McDonalds & Wawa
McDonalds & Wawa

8Pix08. Wawa Market 9Pix09. Wawa Market

0Pix10. Quick Chek 1Pix11. Quick Chek
Quick Chek

2Pix12. Warren Glen Market 3Pix13. Warren Glen Market
Warren Glen Market

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2 Responses to Six Possible Rest Stops Above Milford NJ

  1. Andre says:

    That’s a lot of rest stops for one ride 😉

    • jlippinbike says:

      When you get to be my age, you take a break whenever you get an opportunity. The more the merrier! Of course if there had been someone prodding me along during the ride I would have stopped less. 🙂

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