Thursday Morning Solo Bike Ride: 55.6 miles

Thursday Morning Solo Bike Ride: 55.6 miles

This morning was one of those times that I felt as though I really had to get out and do a bike ride. I’ve been running a lot lately, and I’ve been busy doing things that kept me from riding. When I got up this morning I was bent on going for a ride. The weather wasn’t all that encouraging. Although it was not cold, it was was not too warm either. The temp was somewhere close to 46 or 47 degrees, it was overcast, and kind of damp feeling when I put the bike out. Then when I stepped out of the house to ride it had rained causing the ground to appear wet. But it wasn’t raining more than a drizzle when I headed out on the bike. I figured it would not continue to rain. My hunch was proven correct about 15 minutes later. However, when I got to Washington Crossing it rained a little on me, but stopped pretty quickly thereafter.

The ride was quite pleasant. It has been a long time since I have done this loop. From Princeton I went to Washington Crossing and up the river to the Pedestrian Bridge at Lumberville. I had to follow a detour at High Point Park since Route 32 was being repaved. As a result, I missed New Hope entirely on my ride. I passed three families of Canadian Geese just before I got to Lumberville. I haven’t seen the little chicks for some time now. After crossing back into NJ at Bulls Island I took Route 29 pretty much back to Washington Crossing. The road was smooth and there was plenty of shoulder for little ol me. Cut back to Princeton through Pennington. I kept the chain on the little chainring the whole time, and didn’t go any higher than 4th gear. Very easy and very smooth. Spun a lot. the whole ride took about 3.5 hours. CLICK HERE to see the loop.

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