Thursday Morning Solo Bike Ride: 46.6 miles

Thursday Morning Solo Bike Ride: 46.6 miles

My running buddy bailed on me this morning. Said his knees were a little sore, so didn’t want to run on them. No problem. I wasn’t really in the mood to run this morning anyway. So I pulled the bike out a little earlier than I’d planned and headed out toward Rocky Hill. Kept going out Canal Road, and tried to stay pretty much away from any hills. Just wanted to spin along and get comfortable on the bike. I haven’t been riding enough lately. I’m thinking I should ride more regular and maybe a little less distance. CLICK HERE to see the loop.

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3 Responses to Thursday Morning Solo Bike Ride: 46.6 miles

  1. Andre says:

    Wow! You’ve been out, come back and posted this already! Nice. What about hills though eh? I just did a 16 mile loop on the MTB down along the canal and back through Princeton. I am going to ride Jimmy’s flat ride down in South Jersey tomorrow, he said it will be 65 miles. I assume you aren’t interested.

    • jlippinbike says:

      Thanks for the invite. Tomorrow will probably be a rest day. I stayed pretty much flat this morning because my legs are kind of flat after the mix of running and riding this week. This coming week my Wednesday night rides start up. So I have to be in reasonable biking shape for them. I wonder if I’ll get any takers?

  2. Andre says:

    Time will tell, the Tuesday and Thursday night rides have been running for as long as I know. Though I am not sure they are the same group, seeing as I am led to believe the Tuesday ride is fairly soft. I probably won’t come until after the 18th, seeing as I can ride daytime up until then.

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