12 Possible Evening Bike Rides from Princeton NJ

12 Possible Evening Bike Rides from Princeton NJ

During this month (June) I offered to lead B+ bike rides for the club on Wednesday nights at 6 PM. Last night was the fourth and last one for June. In July I will be offering the same rides on wednesdays, but will also be offering similar rides on tuesdays. While the following twelve routes are not exhaustive they represent some ideas that I have been able to throw together for these offerings. In June we rode routes 6, 7, 10, and 11. Click on the route numbers to see a map of each route.

Route 1, 32.7 miles, 1438 (ft) ele. gain
Route 2, 33.5 miles, 1540 (ft) ele. gain
Route 3, 34.6 miles, 1682 (ft) ele. gain
Route 4, 35.0 miles, 1918 (ft) ele. gain
Route 5, 34.5 miles, 2102 (ft) ele. gain
Route 6, 34.1 miles, 2205 (ft) ele. gain
Route 7, 34.0 miles, 2213 (ft) ele. gain
Route 8, 34.9 miles, 2228 (ft) ele. gain
Route 9, 34.3 miles, 2325 (ft) ele. gain
Route 10, 33.8 miles, 2375 (ft) ele. gain
Route 11, 34.5 miles, 2523 (ft) ele. gain
Route 12, 34.7 miles, 2731 (ft) ele. gain

UPDATE: I lead a 35.6 miler on Tuesday, July 24 that had an elevation gain of 2570. I have not included it in the list above because it went over 35 miles.

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2 Responses to 12 Possible Evening Bike Rides from Princeton NJ

  1. Andre says:

    Nice work Jeff. So routes 1-4 are the Tuesday flat rides? You may want to consider slightly shorter rides (say 30 miles), it was getting dark last night when we got back, and the days will only get shorter. You don’t want to be racing against the darkness if some slower riders turn up.

    • jlippinbike says:

      Yes, routes 1 through 4 will probably be the Tuesday night rides. Or maybe I will make the Tuesday night rides the hilly ones and the Wednesday night rides the less hilly ones? I doubt the rides need to be shortened in July to comply with daylight hours. And I have not decided what I am going to do in August. Unless you and Larry push for me to continue into August, I may take a complete breather from ride leading in that month. I’m not getting a large turnout, and August will be a hot month and a typical vacation month. We’ll see.

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