How Often Does a Typical Club Bike Rider Get a New Bike?

How Often Does a Typical Club Bike Rider Get a New Bike?

The title to this blog post is kind of broad I think. But I’m too lazy to go back and change it. Did I mean to say “replace” an old bike with a new bike to serve the same purpose the old bike served?  Or did I mean get a new bike that will fill a spot in the biker’s stable of bikes stash? Some club riders have a road bike (a nice and expensive road bike) that they use for riding Saturday morning club rides on the flat road east of somewhere. But they decide they want to start riding on a towpath somewhere and they need an off-road bike. So they get a new bike for mountain biking, cyclocrossing, or whatever. Or they get a new mountain bike, then a year later a new cyclocross bike, and then the next year a new fixie bike.

So maybe the topic of this blog post is really how often does a club bike rider go into a bike shop and part with some cash for a new bike regardless of the need or purpose of the new bike? I can speak for myself: not very often. In 2010 I visited a bike shop and bought a new folding bike there. And before that it was in 1976. I don’t like remembering my 2010 purchase because within 2 months that bike was stolen from me on the streets of NYC. But the truth of the matter for me is that I rarely buy a new bike from a bike shop. I’m notorious for getting used bikes and fixing them up. Or recently, I buy bikes online at a steep discount.

But there are the club bike riders who are not all that mechanically inclined who want to have a nice road bike to ride on Saturday mornings. How often do they trade in their latest and greatest to get the new latest and greatest? I don’t have an answer to that question. I suspect it is something like every 4 or 5 years, but that is just a guess. What I have noticed is that riders these days like to upgrade their bikes more often than trade in the old one for a new one. Wheels are the most popular item to be upgraded. Funny thing is, some of the upgraded wheelsets cost more than the entire bike I ride. What a joke.

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