Sunday Afternoon PFW Group Bike Ride: 26 miles

Sunday Afternoon PFW Group Bike Ride: 26 miles

Last night I looked at the Wunderground site to see what the weather forecast was for today. The word was that there was an 80% chance of rain today. The roads have been wet  ever since 8:00 AM this morning. But by noon it was just heavily overcast, rain possible, and the roads were still wet. The temp was up around 50 or so though. I drove over to the starting point for my ride just in case someone showed up. Guess what …  Rick W showed up and wanted to ride. Being the nitwit that I am about collecting ride leader sheets, I agreed to rush home and get my bike things together. Ten minutes later we were off doing our ride.

Actually this ride brought back some fond memories of when I used to ride all the time in poor weather. I kind of felt like I was age 15 again out trying to stay in shape in the winter. I stayed pretty dry all the way to Hopewell. Then the wet started to get into my shoes. My head stayed dry. I was warm. I was riding with only summer cycling gloves. No fingers! We kept the pace down. I think the average for the ride was around 15 mph. I was on my track bike as promised. CLICK HERE to see the route.

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