Sunday Afternoon Group Bike Ride: 32 miles

Sunday Afternoon Group Bike Ride: 32 miles

Today I collected my 25th Ride Sheet for the year. Only two more planned rides for me as a club ride leader this year. So the most I can get is only 27. It really was a lovely afternoon for a bike ride. The humidity was low, the sun was out, the wind wasn’t all that bad, and the temp was not in the 30s. I did not bother to check the thermometer, so I cannot tell you how cold it was exactly. All I know is I never got cold on the ride. I had one taker this week. The same guy that showed up last week: Rick W. He was on a road bike and I was on my track bike with a fixed gear. I let him dictate the pace so we didn’t quite hit B Category today: 14.8 avg mph. We opted to do a simple ride out to the Delaware River at Washington Crossing. The wind was in my face going out, and we had a nice tailwind coming home. CLICK HERE to see the route.

I haven’t been posting to my blog much this week. I’m resting my tendon in my left foot, so I haven’t been out running. And I haven’t been in the mood to go outside and pedal at all. I have been doing some longish walks, and swimming laps in the pool at my club. Maybe I will ride a little more in the coming week?

I recently tinkered with my club’s logo. I think the new version is an improvement.

PFW Cycling logo

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