Saturday Morning C+ Club Bike Ride: 25 miles

Saturday Morning C+ Club Bike Ride: 25 miles

It was sunny and around freezing when the ride began at 9:30 AM. The sun made the ride enjoyable. I had two takers this morning: Rich G and Bob N. But Bob showed up on the wrong kind of bike. So we changed the planned route so we headed toward Pennington so Bob could hook up with the Laura Lynch ride that was to depart at 10 AM. Rich and I continued on at Rosedale Park outside Pennington and took the Lawrence/Hopewell Trail over to the towpath along the canal. We rode almost all the way to Route 518 before we turned around to get back to the cars at Community Park North. I uploaded my Garmin file into MapMyRide and all was well except the map did not take. All the stats loaded. This is the first time this has happened. So no link to the map for this post. I’m too lazy right now to figure out what went wrong. I suspect I could do another upload and it would work. But not right now.

I was in my normal talking mode. Rich was game to talk, too. He rides C and C+ rides mostly. I ride B and B+ rides mostly. So much of what we discussed was new to both of us. I am very glad I got to participate in this ride. I actually learned a few things.

RideWithGPS Map, MapMyRide Map

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