A True Rambling Blog Post

A True Rambling Blog Post

We’re into the last third of the month of January. 2013 has finally gotten on its way. No longer is it all that easy to mistakenly write 2012 at the end of a letter, notice, or whatever. And I’m finally feeling rested and fat after bowing out of my exercise routine late last year and helping myself to too many sweets and desserts. This morning I got up early and headed to my club to do an hour of walking and then 50 laps of kick in the lap pool. All went well. I feel better for it. And when I got home I did not eat any junk food. In fact, I hardly ate at all. Mostly just drank seltzer water. My Achilles tendon is feeling fine. And my neck is OK.

April is not so far off. That’s when I need to be in reasonable biking shape so I can do well on the Saturday morning club rides out of Cranbury. I need to rebuild my old steel road bike for those rides. So the time is upon me to think in terms of getting that new bottom bracket I need for the bike. And I may repaint the old clunker, too? But I’m not sure about that. I still need to rebuild my new Cinelli. Hopefully I can get to that before April, too.

The old Schwinn High Sierra I’ve been using for tow path rides has held up well. I’ve got one more planned club ride to do on it this coming Saturday. I wonder if I will have any takers for that ride. After that the ride will be no more. I’m discontinuing it, and replacing it with a 30 mile B road ride where I will more than likely be using my track bike. Of course, I’m not going to advertise that I’ll be riding a fixie. Not very many of the club members are into fixed gear riding. And most probably think a fixed gear bike will slow up the ride. Interestingly, the rides are slowed or sped up by the category rating the ride leader places on them. Fixies can just about always do a B category ride with no problems. And this would be true for any rides slower than B, too. Funny thing is, most people who would venture to ride a fixed gear bike would not even consider riding anything slower than a B ride. Go figure.

It might be cool out these days, but it is not bitterly cold. If you do some walking outside all bundled up for 30 minutes, or do some jogging or swimming indoors for 30 minutes, you will get your circulation going sufficiently to soon thereafter dress properly and enjoy a nice 2 to 3 hour bike ride outdoors. This winter is mild compared to winters of yesteryear (1970s and 1980s). Thus it looks like a wonderful late winter and early Spring lies ahead. Cheers!

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2 Responses to A True Rambling Blog Post

  1. Andre says:

    Not bitterly cold? Are you insane? There is no way I would ride 2-3 hours in this weather!

    • Now now. We had a cold day today, but I hadn’t checked the forecast for it until after I created this post. The temp this morning was not any colder than some other days this winter. However, the high today capped out at a low temp. I heard a newscaster say this was the coldest day we’ve had in 5 years. I’m pretty sure that is only referring to the coldest high temp for a day. Actually, the temp is around 22 degrees outside right now. And I could handle 2 hours in it if I were dressed properly. I used to ski in weather like this all the time.

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