Tuesday Early Afternoon Solo Bike Ride: 25 miles

Tuesday Early Afternoon Solo Bike Ride: 25 miles

I had just finished lunch and hadn’t poked my head outside all day. I was working on the computer and I heard the garbage truck outside picking up the trash. Tuesday is the new trash day, and I had forgotten to put the trash out. I hustled outside and was able to flag the truck down to take my trash. While I was outside I noticed the weather was nice enough to go for a short bike ride.

The temp was around 45 to 47 degrees. The roads were damp, but it is kind of hard to get an old track bike dirty. So I got dressed for a ride and pulled my bike out of the garage. I missed my swim and walk this morning. So this was my first exercise for the day. The first half of the ride was spent trying to settle my lunch. I went riding too soon after eating a full meal. I was doing OK by the last third of the ride. Only out for 1.5 hours, averaged 16.2 mph, and covered 25 miles. I kept the ride relatively flat. CLICK HERE to see the route.

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