Saturday Morning Solo Ride: 53.6 miles

Saturday Morning Solo Ride: 53.6 miles

Nice easy ride alone. Left the house around 8 or a little thereafter. It was around 46 degrees and sunny when I left. It was around 66 when I got home. Never went over 5th gear, and spent much of the ride in 4th. Halfway between Morrisville and Yardley while in PA I was passed by a 60 year old. I didn’t let him get away, and as a result we talked all the way up the river to Washington Crossing. All I had to do to comfortably stay with him was bump my gear up to 5th.

Originally I was disappointed with myself for not going for a ride yesterday. However, as today’s ride progressed I could see that I was not fully recovered even today from my riding of last week. Today was a good ride. I’m not sure whether I will ride tomorrow. If not, then I expect  I will go for a long ride on both Monday and Tuesday. CLICK HERE to see today’s route.

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2 Responses to Saturday Morning Solo Ride: 53.6 miles

  1. alex v says:

    Well, we missed you 😉 especially cause I cannot check our Spring Fling route on your blog 😉

    But indeed, the ride was not quite a recovery ride you needed. I hoped a young lady on the ride would slow Jimmy down. No way. She dropped out quite early.

  2. I heard Jimmy and Tom did their best to give you a run for your money. You do show up for those rides looking for punishment don’t you? The young lady you refer to is a strong rider when she is healthy. But she generally does not like hills. Sorry I cannot help you with regard to the route recap.

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