Proposed Beach Ride in June: 100 miles

Proposed Beach Ride in June: 100 miles

Coming up on June 2nd I’m planning to do a nice easy flat bike ride with some friends. It will depart from Community Park North in Princeton NJ, and head due east over to the Jersey Shore. Round trip will be just a hair over 100 miles. Planned rest stops will occur at miles 25, 51, and 70.1. So the last 30 miles will probably be the toughest of the ride. The first rest stop will be a McDonalds in the Marlboro Shopping Center on Route 9. The second rest stop will be at the Duncan Donuts at the beach in Belmar NJ right on the ocean at 16th Street. And the third rest stop will be at the Duncan Donuts in a shopping center in West Freehold just off of Wemrock Road. CLICK HERE to see the proposed route. The route is subject to change if the participants want to do a different or modified loop.

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4 Responses to Proposed Beach Ride in June: 100 miles

  1. Andre says:

    The rest stops need a lot of work! Can’t do McDonalds, that’s not a rest stop that is a crime against good cycle rides. DD could be alright on the way back, but don’t we need somewhere nearer? Clarksburg General Store? Terrible I know. Belmar could be Turnstile Roasters (we need real coffee at least once) on Route 71. The route looks interesting, I like that the route there and back is completely different. I don’t know most of the roads.

    • One other point, I doubt we will even want to stop at the McDonalds at mile marker 25. It’s really just supposed to be a possible restroom break. And I’m pretty sure you can find special coffee on the boardwalk in Belmar. I listed that stop as a DD for the restroom. But there are a bunch of eateries on the ocean strip.

  2. Routes have to be built around rest stops. And the pickins are not all that good for a ride to the shore. Do you love the ride, or do you love the stops? And Clarksburg General Store is worse than a McD’s. I can probably find a Starbucks for one of the stops. Just so you know, second and third stops were the second and third stop on Tom H’s 70 miler a few weeks ago.

    Take a look at the rest stop grid I have on my blog’s home page. See if there are any stops you like. I can try to fit them into a ride. But I bet it will be very difficult and keep the ride to a certain mileage.

  3. Andre says:

    Yes I agree about the necessity for stops. Like you say the only real stop will be the one in Belmar in any case. One coffee all day will do me. Alf seems to need an espresso every 30 miles though!

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