100 Miler I’m Thinking of Leading in July?

100 Miler I’m Thinking of Leading in July?

I’m leading three 100-mile rides in June, and I just might commit to leading one more in July. But I’m going to wait and see what the turnout is for the June 8th ride before I commit. I don’t really like to create 100-mile rides that are just long rides. So I don’t even think about creating them very often. It came to me that there might be a neat ride starting from Princeton that would head down to the Trenton Train Station where the NJ Riverline Light Rail departs from for Camden. Only costs something like $1.80 oneway, and bringing bikes along on the train is no big deal. Anyway, then get off the train in Camden, cross the Ben Franklin Bridge via bike and ride through Philly, Manyunk, and then head north to Princeton. There would be three rest stops not counting the sitting on the train: (1) Trenton Train Station, (2) Danielle’s Espresso Cafe in Maple Glen PA, and (3) Wawa/McD in New Hope. See the four 25 mile legs of the ride: Leg1, Leg2, Leg3, and Leg4. The four legs add up to just over 100 miles  and should be a nice trip!

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  1. alex v says:

    Taking the train is a refreshing idea I think. Even though it’s very traditional, as trains were the main manner of cheating in bike racesven existed. I didn’t hope to attend initially, but now it appears I will be around for the most part of the month.Cannot be a fast ride though if you wanna a decent size group

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