Tuesday Morning Solo Bike Ride: 30 miles

Tuesday Morning Solo Bike Ride: 30 miles

Yesterday was a rest day for me. I didn’t swim, run, or bike. I sat my fat arse in a car seat and went for a drive. By the end of the day I felt OK, but figured I would need a ride the next day (Tuesday, today). Unfortunately the weather forecast was calling for 80% chance of rain. I was scheduled to run in the morning, so I figured I might get to miss that! But no, when I awoke the sky was clear and the temp was nice for a run. Got my 5 mile run with Chen in this morning. The weather forecast was still for rain, but I figured I might be able to squeeze at least a short ride in before the weather shifted.

At 8:30 AM I was on the road trying to squeeze a ride in . Not too long after departing I felt a few drops, but it was more mist than rain. I mailed two letters at the Princeton Post Office that I had in my back pocket. At that point the mist got a little more forceful. By about 15 miles into the ride the mist had turned to a light rain. The cars had their windshield wipers on intermittent. I figured I was wet already, so no need to rush home to get away from the rain. And I was warm in the long sleeve cycling jacket I was wearing. Anyway, I ultimately got home after turning the pedals over for 30 miles. Not bad for a crappy day outside. I suspect I might go to my fitness club in the late afternoon to do half an hour on the Stairmaster machine. CLICK HERE to see the route I did.

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