Monday Morning Solo Bike Ride: 45 miles

Monday Morning Solo Bike Ride: 45 miles

The weekend was packed with things other than bike riding. My brother and his family visited – so I had no time or desire to go for a bike ride. It was hot out on Saturday anyway. But Sunday would have been a nice morning for a ride. This morning I got up and did something of a swim over at the Plainsboro pool. I was clued into how an age group winner did in the NJ State Triathlon yesterday at Mercer County Park. She was so excited at her performance!! She had a right to be, of course. She did very well – tenth overall out of all the women (including the elites). So when I got home from the pool I headed out on my bike. The sky was overcast, so I expected to maybe get a little wet before I returned from my ride. No dice though. The sun ultimately came out and things heated up. I just spun along this morning. My legs are a little out of shape right now. I can only muster a 17 mph pace for 45 miles in the little chainring. I hate to think how slow I’d get if I actually had to climb a hill!! CLICK HERE to see the easy route I rode this morning on my Cinelli.

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