Sunday Morning Group Ride: 67 miles

Sunday Morning Group Ride: 67 miles

It was kinda cool/cold out this morning. Something like 52 degrees, but clear and low humidity. I wasn’t sure whether I’d be riding with a long sleeve jersey or a short sleeve one with arm covers. Turns out I chose to use the arm covers. I arrived at the CVS in Lambertville at 7:45 AM and had plenty of time to get my bike (and me) set up for the 8 AM ride with Pia. She showed up timely and we were off. I got to choose the route again, and I chose to head up to Bloomsbury and tackle the Route 579 hill for the first time on my Cinelli. I wanted Pia to experience the hill, too. She ultimately gave it a rating of 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. She gives Federal Twist a rating of 9, and the Uhlerstown hill a rating of 10. We rode up behind Uhlerstown this morning, but we did not go up or down it. We hit two covered bridges on the ride: Erwinna and Green Sergeants. We stopped for a drink and rest room at the small market in Warren Glen. It really was a lovely day for a ride. And Pia took it easy on me the whole way. CLICK HERE to see the route.

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4 Responses to Sunday Morning Group Ride: 67 miles

  1. alex v says:

    wow. I thought cat 3 climbs didn’t exist in NJ. thanks for sharing

  2. Long time no see or hear. Are you riding much this summer?

    • alex v says:

      I am back from Russia and then I have moved to North Brunswick. Still lots of stuff to do there. Got a few rides after that (so far just exploring the roads around the new home), will be looking for more. Surprisingly, it appears I got better uphill, but slower on the flats… 🙂

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