Sunday Morning Group Ride: 68 miles

Sunday Morning Group Ride: 68 miles

It was raining outside when I woke this morning. It was still raining some 15 minutes before I departed in my car to the CVS shopping center in Lambertville where I was to meet Pia for our third bike ride in three weeks. They all have been about the same distance and degree of difficulty. We got wet this morning. About 10 miles into the ride the sky got very dark, the rain began to pour down, and there were bursts of thunder and lightning. This was on Mechanicsville Road heading toward Doylestown. By the time we made it to the Pine Run Historic Covered Bridge on Old Ironhill Road the rain had stopped, or at least eased up considerably. I think it had stopped because as we went through the covered bridge Pia made a comment that the bridge would have served us well a little earlier in the ride. We had a short pee break on Stump Road, and then hit two more covered bridges: Loux and Frankenfield; before getting back to the Delaware River close to Erwinna. Then up to Frenchtown were I made a pit stop to get more liquids. I was being tested this morning as to how to take in sufficient nutrition and liquids so the ride would not feel so long. Route 519 had been oiled and graveled, so it was a good thing I had plans to stay on it minimally. We exited at Featherbed Lane and descended down into the Green Sergeant’s Historic Covered Bridge. All in all, we hit four old bridges on this ride. We came real close to Cabin Run, Erwinna, and Uhlerstown, but opted not to visit them. CLICK HERE to see the route.

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