Tuesday Morning Group Bike Ride: 35 miles

Tuesday Morning Group Bike Ride: 35 miles

I went for a swim at the Plainsboro pool after my run this morning. Only did about 80 laps. Not a bad swim. I was pushing my schedule a bit since I had a planned bike ride to start at 9:45 with Andrew, Anders and Tricia. Made the ride, but was about 4 minutes late getting there. A little nippy out, but the ride went well. CLICK HERE to see the route.

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2 Responses to Tuesday Morning Group Bike Ride: 35 miles

  1. Andre says:

    Is that all? What about the hills? What about the fluorescent jersey you were wearing, what about the giant blueberry smoothie and FDR…..?

    • Yeah, that is all. I included a map of the route we followed. It clearly shows the places where there was elevation gain. For some reason nothing today felt much like a hill though. I suppose those “pimples” we climbed today just didn’t compare to the climbs I was used to doing in Virginia last week.

      And I’m sorry I subjected you to a little on FDR. I was just trying to get an idea of how far into US history Ander’s class had gotten. FDR really isn’t worth mentioning since he has caused this country so many problems.

      Thanks for the smoothie! It hit the spot since I hadn’t eaten all day even though I’d run 5 miles, swum a mile, and then done the 35 mile ride with you.

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