Sunday Morning Group Ride: 73.4 miles

Sunday Morning Group Ride: 73.4 miles

This week there were three mornings that got down below the frost line. Yesterday was one of them, but today I think it was a little above the line. In any event, Pia and I postponed the start time until 10 AM. The temp at that time was probably not above 40, but it certainly was not overly cold. I did not wear full leg warmers, and I wore normal cycling gloves. Pia had long tights on, but she did not use gloves. I had planned the ride as usual and we kept to it for the most part. No real breaks, but Pia did stop to refill her water bottle in Point Pleasant. I was a bit sluggish today. I had only ridden once during the week, and my lack of riding showed. But we had a fun ride, and we had some pretty speedy mile splits from time to time. There was quite a headwind to contend with. And we finally did Federal Twist going up. Pia reevaluated her opinion of it after she got to the top. It still ranks as an impressive hill, but not as impressive as she had been thinking it was when we did other hills. CLICK HERE to see the route.

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