Sunday Afternoon Solo Ride: 15 miles

Sunday Afternoon Solo Ride: 15 miles

My arms were still stiff this morning afternoon my weightlifting done on Thursday. So I headed over to the pool and swam 2 miles. Pretty good workout! My arms were not too hampered by their stiffness during the workout. And afterwards I felt pretty good. I was supposed to do a trainer bike ride on the back patio late this morning. But it was bitterly cold (in the 20s with windchill making it feel somewhere in the teens). The sun was out, but I was in the mood to finish building the wheelset for my new CX bike. Got them done. Now I just have to install the new seatpost and new stem and bars to have the bike done and ready to ride. Maybe tomorrow?

Around 2:30 this afternoon I set my bike up on the trainer on the back patio. I dress warmly and hopped on the bike. It took me 5o minutes to go 15 miles. I was not overdoing, but I wasn’t pedaling lazily either. I think I was averaging around 18 mph per my powertap readout. Average cadence was 90. Avg watts were 179, and normalized power was 184. Basically I just spun a 43×18 at about 95 rpm for most of the ride. Occasionally I would put it in the big ring (53×18) and drop the cadence to 78-80 to maintain the power readout. Actually, the power would jump up a little – but so what!

I’ve got my work cut out for me I can see. Looks like I’m going to be working on getting my trainer rides up to 90 minutes instead of 50. I’ll cut back the duration after I get to 90 so I can increase my average power as the winter progresses. Said another way, so I can increase my FTP number.

Riding on the back patio in the cold reminded me of skiing when I was a kid. When skiing you dress up warm and brave the cold so you can have fun slipping and sliding down a mountain. I actually was not cold at all while “riding” today.

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