Thursday Morning PFW B+ Ride: 32 miles

Thursday Morning PFW B+ Ride: 32 miles

I got a chance to lead a second PFW ride (for the month) this morning when Alex V contacted me last night informing me that he’d like to ride today. So the 10 AM ride went off with two riders: me and Alex. He was on his road bike and I was on my CX bike. My legs were a little stiff before we started. And for most of the ride we rode at a casual pace for us while carrying a conversation. It was only on Canal Road when we spotted a rider up ahead that we pushed  a little to make sure we caught the guy. I purposely avoided hills because I figured the roads would be wet or at least wetter than roads that were flat. The temp today was above normal for what we’ve been experiencing. So there was a lot of melting going on. The hills cause the melt to run over the roads. CLICK HERE to see the route. We averaged just under 17 mph for the ride.

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