Friday Morning PFW B+ Ride: 41 miles

Friday Morning PFW B+ Ride: 41 miles

Did a swim at the Plainsboro pool this morning. My regular pool in Rocky Hill was closed for maintenance and will not be open until tomorrow. Paced Pia while she did her “distance workout.” Then I had to get ready for my 10 AM club ride I was leading this morning. It was just me and Alex. We went a little longer than I thought we would. He was stronger than me this morning. He had told me he didn’t really want to do a B+ pace ride this morning. But in the end we basically did. There were about 4 miles after we climbed Poor Farm Road where we took it easy and that pulled the average for the ride down to 15.8 mph. But for most of the ride we were doing much better than that. I was on my CX bike. I still have never bumped the chain up on the outer ring. CLICK HERE to see the route. When the ride started it was around 32 degrees and when it ended it was around 36 I think.

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