Saturday Morning Solo/Group Ride: 75 miles

Saturday Morning Solo/Group Ride: 75 miles

The air temp was supposed to get up into the 50s today, and it wasn’t supposed to rain. Whoopee!! I had not biked or run in over two days, so I was due for one or the other. I pretty much took Thursday off from working out. And yesterday I did over 2 miles in the pool with Pia. This morning I was seriously debating whether I wanted to go to Cranbury and do the B+ ride, or head over to Washington Crossing and do a tow path ride that would incorporate the club B ride out of Ringoes lead by J Palis. The second option ended up winning out. I parked on the PA side at Washington Crossing. The tow path in PA up to New Hope was somewhat soggy and there were several trees down over the path. I had to dismount at least 15 times. And I opted to go to the road when I got to the Bowman’s Tower.

When I got to the Palis ride there were the following in attendance: Jack P, Brent, Peter M, Pete, Nic, Ed, and John W. I think I got all of them. So there were 8 of us on the ride. As the ride progressed the wind picked up considerably. I was doing a lot of talking during this club ride. Peter M was in great shape, and Brent was not too shabby either. We finished ahead of everyone else. When we got back to the POD I just kept going and headed down to Lambertville and another stretch of the D&R tow path. No trees down, but seriously soggy and some very muddy areas. I was tired and a little dirty when I got back to the car. Good ride even though it wasn’t particularly fast. CLICK HERE to see the route.

I was riding my CX bike of course. I put some bottle cages on it so I could go the distance. This was the longest ride I have done on the CX bike. I still have not put the chain on the big ring yet. Just spin along in the little ring, a 36.

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One Response to Saturday Morning Solo/Group Ride: 75 miles

  1. alwayseasygear (alex V) says:

    **The second option ended up winning out.**

    Well, the Cranbury ride was what you could have expected: open flats, low hill, pacelines, and wind, wind, wind… The positive outcome was that I somehow survived and managed to stay with Dave W. Brent’s Sunday ride was hard though.

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