Wednesday Morning Treadmill Run: 3.1 miles

Wednesday Morning Treadmill Run: 3.1 miles

I swam with Pia this morning at 5. At 6 I headed over to the treadmill to do a 10K run. I was wearing new running shoes this morning, and I was still a little stiff from my run on Sunday – but not hardly stiff. During the first mile at 6.2 mph my feet were a little tight, and my legs were not loosening up too well. So I opted to stop and walk for 10 minutes. Instead of totally quitting I did a second mile at 6.6 mph, then walked for 10 minutes. And lastly I did a mile at 7.2 mph with a short walk that followed. My legs felt pretty good by the end of the treadmill workout – no tightness.

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