Thursday Morning PFW B+ Ride: 30.5 miles

Thursday Morning PFW B+ Ride: 30.5 miles

Today’s high temp is supposed to reach 46 degrees. However, since my club ride departed from the Princeton Shopping Center at 10 AM I didn’t get to enjoy the ultimate warmth of the day during my ride. It was in the 20’s when Alex V and I departed, but it felt much warmer when we ended the 30 miler some 2+ hours later. Alex contacted me last night for the ride. And I almost had Nat B along, too. But Nat at the last minute changed his plans. The ride was mostly on tow path trails or other off-road terrain. We did two loops of the Park in Lawrence. Neither of us wanted to go too fast on today’s ride. Alex has been off the bike for more than a week, and I’ve had a virus for a couple of days. Today was the last opportunity for me to get my 10th ride sheet for the year. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, and I’m not in the club book for any rides in April. When May comes and thereafter I’ll be racing when club rides could depart. CLICK HERE to see the route.

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