Saturday Morning PFW B+ Ride: 43 miles

Saturday Morning PFW B+ Ride: 43 miles

I showed up at 9 in Cranbury for the PFW Ed P ride. There were something like 12 or 13 out for the ride today. It was a jumpy bunch. Several were definitely pace pushers. Alex V was there, and he was up toward the front a good bit during the first 20 miles. It was very windy out, and for the first half of the ride we had a serious tailwind. Then on Nomoco Road at approximately 22 or 23 miles into the ride we had a pileup. There was a cable wire hanging on the side of the road over the white line that designated the shoulder area. Some riders at the front of the paceline swerved and took each other down, then a rider got tangled in the dangling cable and he went down hard. I followed and had nowhere to escape – so I crashed, too. Got a few little boo-boo’s on my legs and a little road rash on my left hip. My handlebars have to be retaped, and my rear wheel needs to be trued up a little. The guy who got tangled in the cable had to be crated off in an ambulance. So we had an extended “rest stop” with no goodies to eat. The group splintered  when it came time to TT into the headwind going back to Cranbury. Alex and I finished together. CLICK HERE to see the route.

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One Response to Saturday Morning PFW B+ Ride: 43 miles

  1. alwayseasygear (alex V) says:

    ** Alex and I finished together.**
    no we didn’t. I got dropped and finished maybe a minute behind

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