Thursday Evening CRC Handicap RR: 13 miles

Thursday Evening CRC Handicap RR: 13 miles

Finally the weekday club races have begun. The weather has been so poor this winter and spring that many of the races have been cancelled. Now it’s May and things should start to get interesting. I showed up for the first of the spring races tonight while having no idea where I would fit into the scheme of things. Having a high opinion of myself I allowed myself to be talked into riding with the scratch group. I could say it was a mistake since I got dropped pretty quick, but my group did not catch the leaders anyway so it was a mere training ride for all of us. The course is just over 6 miles and it lasted 3 laps. I opted to call it quits after two laps so I could watch how my clubmates performed and finished. The scratch group was only about 10 seconds off catching the group that finished first. CLICK HERE to see the route.

It was actually a pretty productive night for me even though I did not perform well against the others. The scratch group only had 4 riders in it when I began and we were taking short pulls at the front of an erratic pace line averaging around 26 mph. A little above what I am capable of right now. I might have done better if I’d warmed up before the start. And they didn’t really pull away from me all that quickly, so I bet the pace slowed up a bit.

I had both my Garmin Edge 200 and my CycleOps Computer (with power meter running) on this ride. I think I might have gathered some nice data I can use as benchmarks in upcoming training rides since I was pushing pretty good and only going for 42 minutes. I averaged 18.6 mph supposedly. Average watts produced were 190+ and the calculated Normalized Power figure was 225. My cadence while pedaling was 92. The breakdown of watt output for duration was as follows:

1 minute @ 325 watts
2 minutes @ 300 watts
5 minutes @ 250 watts
10 minutes @ 240 watts
15 minutes @ 220 watts
20 minutes @ 210 watts
30 minutes @205 watts
40 minutes @ 195 watts

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