Saturday Morning Bike Ride: 50 miles

Saturday Morning Bike Ride: 50 miles

I rode from home at around 7:50 this morning in order to meet up with the PFW B+ ride out of Cranbury that was departing at 8:30.  The group was kind of slow to head out: Peter F, Ed P, Jen P, Sean, Steve, Charlie, and Henry. I think I named them all. Not a particularly fast ride. Peter headed us back over to my neighborhood, and thus I got bored and lazy the closer I got to home. I couldn’t help bailing when we got to Hopewell. The Griggstown Causeway was still under water, but we were able to ride our bikes through it. I was the elected turkey to make the attempt before anyone else would dare go. We climbed Grandview instead of Dutchtown Zion, and the remaining climbs had little bite. I probably had too much clothing on, too. I was quite warm by the end of the ride when it was 64 degrees outside. CLICK HERE to see the route.

I had my power meter along on the ride. I haven’t bothered to download the data to my computer yet. The ride was not really steady enough to really make it a good ride for data sake. However, I will say I was generally pumping out 350 to 400 watts on my climbs. And when I was taking pulls on the ride and able to go on forever I was pumping out between 230 and 280 watts.

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One Response to Saturday Morning Bike Ride: 50 miles

  1. alwayseasygear (alex V) says:

    **Griggstown Causeway was still under water**

    the second bridge (Blackwell mills) had no water on Sat eve, just some mud. I rode through with no problem at all. A few abandoned cars were still on the road, bunches of rotten grass were hanging from the mirrors.

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