Racin 4 Mason Bike Event: 70 miles

Racin 4 Mason Bike Event: 70 miles

I rode a charity ride this morning. There were 34 people signed up to do the ride on “ride morning.” There were a few people I know and have ridden with in the past (Peter and Drent). Everybody was very friendly. Seemed like many of the riders were friends from other rides and get togethers. The weather was simply wonderful. And the support crew (4 sag vehicles) kept the cold refreshments and fruit a coming during the ride. I got a pair of socks and a wonderful riding jersey out of the deal, too. Had a great time. First rate event. CLICK HERE to see the route.

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2 Responses to Racin 4 Mason Bike Event: 70 miles

  1. alwayseasygear (alex V) says:

    It appears I saw your group in Asbury. I didn’t see you though, or I didn’t notice. The group was heading north across the Musconetong, and I was standing at the first intersection going to turn left, cross the river and take Iron Bridge Rd out of the Musconetcong Valley. It was at 12:20 PM or close to that.

    • It’s unlikely you saw anybody in Asbury from my group. Asbury was only 38 miles into my 70 mile ride. We started in Hopewell at 7:35 AM, and all of us arrived at the camp above Blairstown by 1:30 PM. I was in the lead group and we arrived at 1 PM. By looking at the supporting data for my MapMyRide uploaded file it appears I passed by the intersection you describe at approximately 10 AM. I will say that when I passed the Maple Avenue intersection going through Asbury I saw several cyclists, and some of them were in fact riding in groups. Apparently it was a very popular area to be riding a bike yesterday.

      Brent D and Peter M decided to turn off the course at Iron Bridge Road and do a quick climb. Such gluttons for punishment. If you look at my MapMyRide file for the ride you can see where I hopped off the course to watch them climb Iron Bridge Road, but I didn’t climb it with them. I had enough on my plate to just finish the ride.

      It was a beautiful day for a ride, wasn’t it?

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