Tuesday Mid-Morning Solo Ride: 38 miles

Tuesday Mid-Morning Solo Ride: 38 miles

I finally went running with Chen again this morning. My left calf did not give me any problems. But since I have been nursing the injury for some time now, my fitness level has deteriorated. Not a particularly good run. But it wasn’t bad either. When I got home I put the CX bike in the car and drove over to Mercer County Park and parked at the ice rink center. Very hot!! I didn’t feel so good when the ride was over. Too much sun and heat for me. Anyway, I was set on doing a test ride of the route I have planned for this Friday’s PFW all-paces ride. Everything was going well until I got to Old York Road. The paving crew was out and a cop had the road blocked. So I detoured a little from the eventual route.  CLICK HERE to see the planned route. CLICK HERE to see the route I rode today. The planned rest stop will be at the Shell Food Mart and Dunkun Donuts where Route 33 and Lake Drive intersect. Friday’s ride probably won’t happen since it is supposed to be raining then.

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