Saturday Morning Easy Ride: 63 miles

Saturday Morning Easy Ride: 63 miles

Yesterday I went for a ride with my 80-year-old mother at Sandy Hook National Park over at the Jersey shore. She did 8 miles on one of my Dahon folding bikes. I was riding a red one, and she was on a black one. What a beautiful day. I didn’t have big plans for this morning regarding a bike ride since I didn’t want to tire myself out the day before I lead a 50 miler A ride on Sunday morning out of Allentown. When I got up I decided to ride my Dahon folder with the skinny tires over to Cranbury and tag along on the B ride. When I arrived in Cranbury at about 8:32 AM the leader of the B+ ride asked me whether I was going to attend his ride on my Dahon. I said “no,” but that I was planning to do the B ride this morning.

Larry G was leading this morning, and there were around 10 of us that departed together. Quite a few club ride leaders included in the group: Larry G, Alan B, John D, Jane D, Bruce K, Neil C, and me. Today’s ride was the first club ride that I’ve been on that went into Bordentown. Our rest stop was on main street in Bordentown, and we stayed there a while since it started raining while we were there. I stayed with the group until just before getting to the heart of Hightstown. That’s when I cut off to head on home since I didn’t drive to the ride today. I had no reason to go all the way back to Cranbury. CLICK HERE to see the route.

Today’s ride was my first on my Dahon since I changed the front chainring from a 39 tooth ring to a 46 tooth one. The new ring was a definite improvement. I really like the gear combinations for the metric century. And if there had been hills I would have had an easy time with them considering the gear range available.

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