Sunday Morning Solo Ride: 59 miles

Sunday Morning Solo Ride: 59 miles

Like I had planned, I showed up around 8 AM in Frenchtown, NJ with my Dahon folding bike ready to take on the metric century at the CBBC Covered Bridge Event. It wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be, but the wind was strong and created quite a wind chill effect. I saw John W, Joey B, and Rick B before or during the ride. I brought plenty of food and drink along on the ride, so I was not exhausted at the end. Not a particularly fast ride, but not too slow either. I got chicked once. Some guys told me there was a woman in the train of Guy’s Cycling riders, so I am taking their word for it. I did not see her. They passed me in a hazardous intersection and I was watching out for the traffic. Had a good day. CLICK HERE to see the route.

Covered bridges I hit were as follows in the order I list them: Uhlerstown, Knecht, Sheard’s Mill, Loux, Cabin Run, Frankenfield, and Erwinna. Yep, I climbed the hill behind the Uhlerstown bridge. That road is not closed until December 1 and will reopen April 1. My chain jammed in my bike’s chain guide twice today. Not sure why. Happened about the same time of the ride just before the last rest stop of the ride.

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2 Responses to Sunday Morning Solo Ride: 59 miles

  1. Andre says:

    I thought you had got used to being second best to women by now. It happens all the time.

    • No, thank goodness it does not happen all the time! It does happen from time to time, and I can handle being beaten by a woman as you know. Of course, this particular time the playing field was not level. I was on my “handicap bike” and had no intentions of trying to sit in a paceline with an organized cycling group. The “team” that passed me with the woman was using regular road bikes 100%, and they were definitely riding a paceline.

      “Second best to women” you say? Sounds like you are resigned to the fact that men are inferior. That’s scarey, dude! If women are so great, then why was there only one that could ride faster than little ‘ol me?

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