Strained Achilles Tendon

Strained Achilles Tendon

Over the past several years my injury of choice seems to be a strained achilles tendon. Can’t say I really enjoy getting them, but I seem to get them more than any other kind of injury. Sadly, they are not any fun to get either. There are basically three types of strains: (1) ones that don’t affect exercise but are tender to the touch just the same, (2) ones that do affect exercise, but not so much as to curtail it, and (3) ones that hurt so much you cannot exercise. The first time I messed up my tendon I had recognized it for what it was when it got to the second type phase, but was almost a third type of strain. Forced me to rest for three or four weeks before I could start rehabbing it. What a hassle.

Over the weekend I recognized my left achilles tendon as the first type of strain. So in order to avoid making it a Type 2 I am going to rest it for a week. Bummer! And then start to rehab it. The speed work I’ve been doing on the treadmill lately is going to have to be put on the back burner.

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