Wednesday Solo Ride in the Cold: 62 miles

Wednesday Solo Ride in the Cold: 62 miles

I’ve been eyeing this day for a week with regard to a possible 62 mile bike ride. There really are not all that many days in February in NJ that make it possible to get such a long cold ride in. I started much earlier than I needed to, but I did not want to blow away my whole day doing a silly bike ride. I was going to start at 7 AM, but didn’t get out of the house until 7:30 or so I think. The first loop I did was pretty cold. Went pretty slow, and I fell on the ice once on the bike trail after crossing Snowden Lane. Fortunately I didn’t get hurt or shaken up. The second loop was better, but still below freezing I think. I don’t bring a thermometer with me on my rides. And the third loop was nice. It was around 32 degrees when I departed on the third loop. I didn’t need nearly has many layers of clothes. And I only wore gloves, no glove covers. So gear shifting was much better. I was riding my Cannondale balloon tired bike. That bike can only go so fast since there is no way to clip in, and no way to get aerodynamic. CLICK HERE to see the route.

I’m kind of liking these long cold rides in February. They are not normal training rides. But they do give me a workout of sorts. And apparently I need the workouts since they do not seem all that easy to me. I pushed it a little on the second half of the third loop. I wanted to average at least 13 mph for the whole ride.

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