Sunday Solo Ride in the Cold: 66 miles

Sunday Solo Ride in the Cold: 66 miles

The high temp today was supposed to get up to 43 degrees. Not sure if it did, but probably. There was a wind to contend with however. And after about 2:30 it became very overcast and I was afraid I might get rained on. But I stayed dry except for all the spray from the roads because of snow and ice melt.

I went for a 2-mile swim this morning at 7 AM in Rocky Hill. So I didn’t get out on the bike until around 10 AM. That’s the time I had planned to depart. I figured I owed it to myself to do a ride in a little warmer weather for a change, and the later departure time accomplished that. I was over dressed on the first of three loops. And I wasn’t feeling all that good on the first loop. I had not eaten healthy enough before the ride, and I probably had not taken in enough liquids. But I gorged myself when I got back to the house, and the ride improved for me considerably on loops 2 and 3. CLICK HERE to see the route.

Tomorrow is probably doable if I drive down to Hammonton NJ. It’ll be a little warmer, flatter, and probably dryer there (less chance of rain than in Princeton). However, I really should take a “recovery” day tomorrow from cycling and do things related to my running routine, and maybe get in a good swim, too. Tuesday and Wednesday are looking like doable ride days from Princeton.  Thursday does not look good for a ride day from Princeton. And Friday definitely is not good.

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