Wednesday Solo Ride in the Cold: 64 miles

Wednesday Solo Ride in the Cold: 64 miles

This was probably my last outdoors ride this month. March will be here Sunday, and both Sunday and Monday are looking like days to hit the roads. But we will see. The weather has been so whacky lately. And every degree around or below freezing matters. Today’s ride didn’t even feel much like a ride. I felt like I was just outside enjoying the sun and the scenery. It was quite windy, but the sun was bright and it glared off all the snow and ice that is around. I particularly enjoyed riding up the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River between Morrisville and Washington Crossing. The river was frozen over. Very pretty. Had a headwind going up the river, though. When I got home at about mile 50 I forgot I had my PC turned on. It is the machine I use to upload my Garmin files to Garmin Connect. It connected automatically and swiped my 50 miles off my Garmin device. So I have two files for today’s ride. The first 50+ and the last 13+. After my 15 or 20 minutes break to refresh and change some clothes I went out and did the 13 mile leg.

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