Thursday Morning Bike Ride: 64 miles

Thursday Morning Bike Ride: 64 miles

What a beautiful morning. By 8 AM the temp was up to around 50 degrees and it was sunny outside. I had plans to meet the Cafe Club for its 9:30 AM ride from Princeton Meadows Park. I did a little ride of my own before hooking up at Princeton Meadows. Those who showed were Andrew T, Anders, Larry H, and Eoghan’s wife Celeste. I was on my CX bike as usual. Haven’t pulled the road bike out yet this year. Had a rest stop in the Outlet Mall in Flemington before turning back toward Princeton. I branched off from the group on Cherry Valley Road so I could get my ride up to the magic 62 mile distance. CLICK HERE to see the route. This was my 30th metric century of the year.

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  1. Andre says:

    We do not stop at outlet malls. Admittedly we were in an almost uncomfortable proximity to one, but we stopped at Factory Fuel Co. which should be described as a fine purveyor of espresso based drinks.

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